Use URL Shortener along with Adsense

AdSense is one of the biggest advertising platforms to make money online. All the people are using AdSense to monetize their websites or blogs. There are many discussion on this topic, whether it is safe to use Adsense along with the URL Shortener website or not?

This really depends on how you are planning to place ads. Before that, let’s take a look at AdSense TOS

AdSense TOS

AdSense clearly says that you can’t use any popup ads, Banner or contextual ads along with AdSense. Along with this, you can’t place AdSense ads on pages with insufficient content, redirection, duplicate content, low quality content, etc.

You can check the entire AdSense TOS here.


Can I use AdSense with URL Shortener?

This really depends on how you are asking it. Here are some of the ways where you can use AdSense along with URL Shortener. Along with this, we have gathered some of the things where you can’t use AdSense with URL Shortener.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is only for the URL Shortener that pays you money and has in between the Short link and the destination link. Also, we are not responsible if anything happens to your Adsense account. 

You can use AdSense along with URL Shortener on following terms

  • If You are planning to shorten the URL of the website which contains AdSense ads.
  • If you have Adsense on your website or blog and planning to shortener the links.
  • You can also add a URL Shortener refer banner to your website which contains Adsense ads.
  • Make sure you don’t convert the links of your own domain to short links. For instance, if your domain name is and you have many outgoing links. You can use the script to convert all the outgoing links but you can’t use it convert the links of by which user navigates inside the website. Therefore, make sure you exclude your own domain from there.

You cannot use Adsense along with URL Shortener on following terms

  • If you are the own the URL Shortener and planning to put the ads in the redirection page. (That page falls in the category of insufficient content)
  • If you using a script of URL Shortener which has popup ads.

Use Adsense with Paid URL Shortener

This section is for the admin of URL Shortener network or who are planning to create or buy paid URL Shortener script.

You might have seen some of the Highest Paying URL Shortener does use Adsense along with their network. Therefore, you might be thinking if they can use, why can’t we. Well, you can tweak your URL Shortener. Below given are some of the things you can try.


Remove Auto Redirection: The one way which you can try is to remove the auto-redirection

Adding Captcha: Google hates auto clicks and fake traffic, you can a human verification to your website to ensure all the visitors are real.

Add Relevant information on the ads page: You can try many things here, you can either give a whole review about the destination link your visitor is trying to visit. You can add if the website is safe to visit or not. Along with this, you can share some other information such as Alexa Rank, WOT information, etc.

Put relevant blogs: The other thing you can do is create some of the popular blogs which you can show it in the advertisement page. Make sure your blog is original and not the same. You can hire some content writers to write content for your URL Shortener network.

In other words, all you have to do is provide value to the visitors. Make sure the visitor who is opening the advertisement page likes your page and the content. However, it really depends on Google Adsense if they want to accept it or not. This is a small try you can do.

Also, make sure you don’t have any other Ad network ads or popup ads on that page.


To conclude, you might now be having a clear idea about where you can use Adsense and where you can not. If you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to utilize the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you like the article, share it in social media and give us some visitors. Thank you. Happy Earnings 🙂


    • You can surely redirect some of the links to any website using URL shortener even if Adsense is activated on your blog. I personally was using it for past couple of years. So, it will be fine.

      We suggest you not to use any URL shortener full page script and not to redirect your own blog links. You can surely redirect external links.

      (Although, we are not responsible for any Adsense actions)


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