URL Shortener Bot | Should you use it?

URL Shortener bot

URL Shortener bot has been a topic of many people and all of them are looking for a self click URL Shortener or auto click URL Shortener. Even if you find a various forum and Facebook group, you will many of the users are continuously asking for shorte.st bot and ouo.io bot. Along with this,  the URL Shortener bot is the most wanted tool or software.

Therefore, here we are giving you all the information that you should be knowing about a URL Shortener bot. This applies for all the Paid URL Shortener. Whether it is an auto click URL Shortener trick or you are looking for anonymous self click URL Shortener.

What is URL Shortener bot?

First of all, before going into more about auto click URL Shortener and self click URL Shortener, we will be seeing what is the bot. Some people might also call it URL Shortener hack and similar names. URL Shortener bot is nothing but a script or software by which the clicks are made.

For instance, a shorte.st bot would automatically open the link of shorte.st, wait for a couple of seconds and then click on skip ad button. If the URL Shortener has a captcha verification, these bots don’t work. This is the reason why there is no ouo.io bot available.

If you look for the URL Shortener hack or trick, you will see auto click URL shortener or you will easily find a tutorial on how to self click URL Shortener without getting ban from the network. These are done using a VPN or proxy. First of all, let’s see both of the URL Shortener tricks in brief by which you can know.

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auto URL Shortener trick

Self clicking URL Shortener trick

You will find some of the tricks where they will ask you to connect the VPN and click on your own URL. There are various other things that you will need to keep in mind. There are certain conditions that you will have to follow in that trick such as you can only click on the URL Shortener once or twice then you will have to change the VPN.

Now, think about the trick again.

  • Time taken to connect/change VPN: 15 seconds
  • Time taken to click: 15 seconds ( 5 seconds wait and 3 seconds to load – 2 clicks)

Then you will have to change the VPN and do the process again.

Total: 30 seconds for 2 clicks, 1 minute for 4 clicks

So, it will take 250 minutes to reach 1000 clicks.  That is around 4 hours. You will get a maximum of $2 in 4 hours. Along with this, you will have chances of getting banned by the URL Shortener. Instead, if you share the link in the group, you will make more money in less amount of time with no fear of getting banned.

Therefore, you should not use this URL Shortener hack or this self click URL Shortener trick to earn money.


Auto click URL Shortener trick

The other thing you will find in URL Shortener hack is the Auto click URL Shortener trick. This is usually done by the URL Shortener bot and not by any human person.

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before using the URL Shortener bot.

  • The bot is just the computer clicking on the background
  • The URL Shortener bot will also change the IP address after certain clicks

Therefore, the timing goes the same for the bot too. You will need to keep the bot on for at least 4 hours earn $3 maximum. However, most of the URL Shortener only pay $1 for the proxy and VPN traffic. This is the reason why you should NOT use URL Shortener hack bot.


The alternative to shorte.st bot

Now, you might be looking for some other other alternatives that you can use as a URL Shortener bot. Well, you should share the link instead or just start a blog from which you can share all the information and insert the shortener link along with that.

Instead of looking for shorte.st bot, ouo.io bot or any other URL Shortener bot, you should share the shortened URL in Facebook groups or telegram groups.

The best alternative here you can use instead of shorte.st bot is the miner they offer. This is the official miner by shorte.st. All you have to do is open the miner app and it will do the rest of the things. It will give mine the coins in the background and you could make some extra money by it. This is safe and trusted. Also, this is the official app so that no one would be getting blocked for it. Be safe and keep using this app.

Shorte.st miner app download

Final words

Therefore, to conclude, if you are planning to use any of the bots, you shouldn’t. Instead, try the above-given things that will help you earn more. You can share the link in various groups and websites to get more views to your link and hence earn more decent cash. Also, don’t download any of the bot for the URL Shortener with robot verification such as ouo.io bot. As they won’t work.

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