URL Shortener based on Payment Frequency

Most of the URL Shortener will pay you the money as soon as you request them. However, there are some of the URL shorteners that will pay you automatically at a certain date. This varies from every network. Just like the minimum payout are different, the time of the payment is different.

For instance, if a URL Shortener is paying you on 15th of every month. You will only get the payment on that particular date if you have reached the minimum payout. If you haven’t yet reached the minimum payout, the money will be carried on to the next month and you will get the payout on the 15th of next month. In this way, the payment frequency works.

This is the reason why you will need to see when you will get the payment. Also, you will get the payment in Paypal account or the payment processor you have chosen. It might take more time to get that money in your Bank account. So, keep this in mind.

To make things easy for you, we have collected the reviews of the best URL Shortener according to how often they pay and placed it in an organized way.

NET 7/15/30: You will see net 7/15/30 payments frequency in some network. It simply means you will get paid after 7 days when you reach the minimum payout. We have changed to once a week or twice a week and accordingly to remove the confusion between the users.


URL Shorteners with Daily payouts

The first type of payouts is daily payouts. Here you will get the payment transferred to your desired wallet on a daily basis.


Payout on Request

Here, you will need to request the payout. It will be tranferd to your wallet as soon as possible. Generally, most of the URL Shortener will tranfer it to your account in 2-3 days. Although, it depends on the network.


Once a week

The payment is done once in every week or it is based on NET-7 scheme.


Twice a month

These networks will pay you twice in a month or on the basis of NET 15 scheme.


Once a month

There are fewer shorteners that pay only once in a month or on the basis of NET 30 scheme.


Feel free to check out the full review to know more about the network. It will give you more information on how they will pay and what are the payout rates of the network that you are planning to go with. Therefore, you can check the review of the same. Click on the network link and you will be redirected to the shortener review.