URL Shortener Account Suspended? here’s why

URL Shortener account suspended

You might have experienced such a situation where your account has been suspended. Most of the people don’t take this thing seriously and create a new account instead of in a different URL Shortener. This is not a problem if you are not making much money. Also, there are some of the Highest paying URL Shortener and if those URL Shortener account suspended. It becomes difficult to get back the account. Here are the top reasons why your account got suspended.


Invalid Clicks

This the most common reason why your URL Shortener account suspended. They don’t allow any clicks from the VPN or proxy. If you are found using URL Shortener bot or any similar trick to get the clicks on your link, there are chances that your account will get banned. So, make sure you don’t click on your own links, neither use any of the tools to do so and also you should not encourage others to click on your links.

You can surely try the link once to see how is the experience of your customers but you shouldn’t click on your own link more than once. Even clicking once will be different for some URL Shortener. You can read the TOS of the network that you are using.


Traffic source

None of the networks allows you to send them traffic using any of the traffic exchange websites, PTC websites, or any similar website. You should avoid adding the links to these kinds of websites. If they find your link traffic from such websites, you will see a line saying URL Shortener account suspended. Also, they don’t allow traffic from Adult content and neither you can link to adult content. You should avoid any of the copyright material deep links.


Other conditions

All the URL Shorteners have different terms and conditions that you should take care of. For instance, Shortzon doesn’t allow Facebook traffic, you will see all those conditions right in the dashboard or notification area. It is better to have a look at their terms and conditions rather get the exact idea. In most of the URL Shortener account suspended are due to these reasons. So, just be safe from this and your account URL Shortener account suspended issue won’t arrive.


URL Shortener account Suspended? Here’s what to do

There is one thing you can do to get back your account. That is to simply send an Email to the admin stating the entire issue and how this thing happened. They will help you in every way they can to get your account back. If the reason was genuine, you will surely get the account back.

However, if you are still not able to get your account back, you should stop wasting your time and look for another Best Highest Paying URL Shortener that is suitable for you and create an account there to start earning.

If you are still in doubt about the Adsense and the URL Shortener, you can check out Use URL Shortener along with Adsense.


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