ULS.FUN Alternatives | Uls.fun signup page not loading

Uls.fun alternatives uls.fun signup page

You might have heard about the latest URL Shortener called uls.fun. It just came into the talks recently and has gained a huge amount of attention. It was one of the best paid URL Shortener. Uls.fun was paying up to $22 for every thousand visits.

A glance about ULS.FUN

Before getting into the list of alternatives, here is what actually ULS.fun has to offer.

  • Network Type: Paying URL Shortener
  • Minimum payout: $5
  • Payout rates: up to $22 USD per 1000 views
  • Payout Frequency: Daily Payouts
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank transfer for some countries
  • Affiliates Commission: 10%

So, this was all about Uls.fun. They had huge payout rates. Many of the websites said this was one of the best URL Shortener you can use to make money. That is the reason when you look in the Google for Highest paying URL Shortener. You will still find ULS.FUN listed as the top #1.


ULS.FUN not loading

There has been quite a fuss about this one. People started complaining about the uls fun not loading and uls fun not working. However, there hasn’t been any particular proper announcement by the team. We still assume the website is taken offline. As it has been quite long that we didn’t hear any news from them.

So, what now?

Nowadays, the internet is filled with URL Shortener. You can easily make money with URL Shortener. Here in this post, we have gathered some of the best ULS.Fun alternatives you can use to share link and earn money online. Now you don’t need to worry if uls.fun is not working. Look for the one which is suitable to you and start making money online with uls.fun.

Uls.fun Alternatives

Before getting into the whole list of uls.fun alternatives, we will see all the alternatives based on the features. You are here because either you are looking for high payout rates, or you are looking for some of the cool payment methods such as Bank Transfer, or Paytm Payouts. No matter what reason you are here, we got it all covered.

So, we have divided the alternatives for Uls fun on the basis of some of the terms.

Payout rates like uls fun

This is the first thing you can see. Uls fun used to give one of the high payout rates. Some of you mght be here looking for the high payout rates like ulsfun. So, in this particular section. We will be seeing the best alternative for Ulsfun, which pays high rates.

Winner: Clicksfly

They are one of the URL Shortener with the best payout rates. If you are looking for paid url shortener on the basis of their payout rates. You should blindly go with them.

To know more about clicksfly, Check out Clicksfly Review, Payment Proof | Scam or Legit


India based Payment Method

Some of you just went to uls fun sign up page, or uls.fun registration page just because of the payment method they offered. They used to pay using PayPal and Direct Bank transfer. Some people didn’t have a PayPal account or had a problem with the fees PayPal used to deduct. Whereas direct bank transfer didn’t have any fees.

So, here we will two of the alternatives for uls fun

The first one is on the basis of fees.

Winner 1: Ouo.io

They don’t deduct any fees from the payment. However, they don’t offer Bank transfer. For the people who have PayPal account but don’t want to pay the fees can use this one.

Check out more about ouo.io at Ouo.io Review, Sign up, Payment Proof | Legit or Scam?

Winner 2: Clicksfly 

Again, this is one of the best websites you can refer to. Click on the above link and get started with them. They pay through PayTm and Direct Bank transfer using UPI.


Still Looking for the alternative of ULS FUN Sign up page?

If you haven’t still got the best alternative URL Shortener like uls.fun. You can check out the full comparison we did. We gathered almost every URL Shortener and picked the one best for you by keeping an eye on many things. You can check out the whole list yourself and find the one which works for you.

List: 11 Best Highest Paying URL Shortener 


Up to you

So, that was it. Do tell us in the comment section about the URL Shortener you chose as the ULSFUN Alternative. Now, you don’t need to worry if you were not able to find uls.fun signup page. Happy earnings.


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