Submit URL Shortener Network

Hey, this page is for all of the people who want to submit URL Shortener network for review. You can fill up the below-given form and we will upload the review in our blog.

If you are a store owner, please note this service is provided free of cost. We don’t charge anything for a review. You will get a backlink to your website. If your URL Shortener stands good enough, we will add it in our Highest Paying URL Shortener list.  Feel free to advertise with us if you want more exposure.

Terms to Submit a Network

  • We have the full right to reject or approve the review.
  • We will write the pure disadvantages of your network (if any).
  • We may or may not add the referral link with the submitted network
  • Your referral link will be removed. If you want your referral link on this site, you can sponsor a review post.


This is for the people who want to submit a URL Shortener network to directories and search engines. We will provide a backlink and it will help you.