Make money with URL Shortener (Make $500 a Month)

URL Shortener is one of the old ways to make money. This guide will cover everything you need to know in order to make money with URL shortener. The guide will go from what is URL shortener and will cover all the topics such as what are the best URL Shorteners and how much they pay. We will see some of the cool techniques from which you can make money. Lastly, we will be discussing whether or not you should use URL Shortener to make money.


What is URL Shortener?

URL Shortener is service where you enter the long URL and it will provide a short URL.


How to Make money using URL Shortener?

Well, now you would be wondering if all they do is shorten URL, how can you make money using it. Right? The answer is simple. They add an advertising page in between. To elaborate, when you click on the shortened URL. You will be redirected to an advertising page. The page will either have a timer on the top right side or captcha verification. A user needs to wait for a couple of seconds (usually 5/6 seconds) and then a “skip ad” or “Go to the Link” option would appear. Now, the user can go to their desired URL.

Make money with URL Shortener

You get paid for each and every visitors who click on your link and see the advertise page. Although, some of the URL Shortener make it necessary for the user to visit the destination page in order to get paid. While some of them pay for every visit whether or not they go the destination Link.


Why do they Pay you?

You may wonder if you can make money with URL Shortener, why would the URL Shortener service pay you. This is the old concept. Advertisers pay the URL Shortening service some amount to advertise. Let us assume XYZ advertiser pays $5 to URL Shortening service. Now the URL shortening service will display their advertisements on the ads page. The service will take some portion and will pay the other money to the publisher, it means you. Hence, you can make money with URL Shortener.


How does it work?

All you need to do is share Links, Earn money. It is as simple as that. Most of the service does not just provide the share URL, earn money scheme. They also give the opportunity to make money with other ways. You can use them and Earn cash with Paying URL Shortener. Let’s see some of the tools they provide by which you can make money easily.


Website Entry Script: This is just the code provided by them. You can install this code on your website. Now, whenever the visitor will visit your website. He/she has to view your advertising for a couple of seconds. After that, they can access the actual content of the website. URL Shortener generally pays around $5 for 1000 visits. Hence, if your website has 3000 daily visits. You can make $450 per month.

Website Exit Script: Exit script is the code where the visitor has to see the advertise when they leave your website. You should consider using this one.

Full page Script: Full page script is pretty amazing code. If you wish to make money by each and every URL on your website. You can use this script. By using this, the visitor will see the shorten URL advertise page on every page. Now, if you only want your users to see the advertise for external links. You can exclude your website URL in the settings page.

Mass/Multi URL: You already know what this means, but still if you don’t know. This tool will help you to shorten multiple URL with one click.

Refer and Earn: This is one of the widest used concepts nowadays. The same goes for URL Shortener service. You can make money by referring friends. Some of the URL Shortener even pay 25% of your referrals Earnings.

That’s pretty much it. These are the most common ways you can make money using URL shortener. However, there are more ways to earn money through Paid URL Shortener. This depends on which service you go with.


Tips to make extra money

Here, we will be seeing how exactly you can make some decent cash using URL Shortener service. We will be covering all the methods starting from sharing links and earning money to getting referrals. So, without wasting more of your time. Let’s get into the point. Below given are some of the famous ways you can earn more money.


Social Media

First and foremost method is Social Media. You can earn money by sharing links on Facebook. You can find a YouTube video on some topic. Let’s say dogs because everybody loves dogs. Now, you need to find some of the Facebook group related to dogs. You can share the link there with a proper description. You can make decent cash using this method. It is old but still works. For instance, if you are a member of 5 groups with only 1000 members each.  You share the link on all five of them. Let’s say from 5000 people, 3000 people saw your post and 1000 of them clicked on your link. You just made $5 with one link. Find some other videos or websites, share it in other groups.

In the same way, you can earn money by sharing Links on Whatsapp. Join some of the Whatsapp groups and share the links. Create some groups yourself if you don’t want to get yourself kicked out of the Group. If you are YouTuber you can provide some links in the description and make some decent money using YouTube. However, if you are just planning to share in the groups. You should prefer telegram. You can make money by Sharing Links in Telegram groups. The reason behind this is telegram supports more members in the group. So, you can make money by Telegram using URL Shortener.

My suggestion over here is not to go with the social media that does not convert. You can ignore Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin over here. The reason you should not include them is that Linkedin users won’t click on short Links. Twitter is not a social media from which you can bring URL Shortener Traffic. Lastly, we all know why we don’t use Instagram for URL Shortener. Yes, Because it does not allow you to post Link.



This goes best when you have a downloading website or a website with a lot of links. You can share the links over there and make extra money with your website. Remember, do not use entry scripts. Although, they could make you a great profit you might lose many of your regular visitor for some amount of cash. Therefore, you should focus on visitors rather than money.


Referring Users

Refer and earn is the best way to make money without more hard work. URL Shortener typically pays between 10-20% earnings of your referrals for a lifetime. However, some of the networks pay more commission while some pay low.  You can put their banners on your website. Whenever someone clicks on your banner and registers for an account.

If you refer advertisers to these URL Shorteners then also you will get a certain percentage or flat amount depending upon the network. So, if you have any company who are planning to advertise you can refer them too.

There are other ways too like sharing URL in the forum, Blog commenting etc but those will consume most of your time and won’t give the desired results. You would hardly get 10 clicks which are pretty bad for a URL Shortener.


Where to Start?

By this, you would pretty much get the whole idea about the URL Shorteners. How do they work, how can you get paid with URL Shortener, and much more. Now, let’s see how to get started. You need to find the Best Highest Paying URL Shortener in order to make more money. This may vary from country to country. So, my suggestion would be to check the best URL Shortener payout rates and see which service pays the best amount.


How do they Pay?

Most of URL Shortener pay using PayPal. Although, there are various different method for payments like Payza, Cheque, Bank Transfer, PayTm for Indians, and much more. You can go to our navigation menu and select how the payment processor you want to get paid with. You will see a whole list of the URL Shortener service who are paying you through that particular payment method.


When do they Pay?

They have a fixed date when they would pay. Some have daily payments while some only send payment once or twice a month. Again, you can use our Menu bar to check for your desired Payment frequency.


Are they Legit and Pay?

Yes, Most of them do. Although, just like every industry there are some of the Shortening services which don’t pay. So, you should check the review URL Shortener before sending your valuable traffic to them.


Can I use URL Shortener along with Adsense?

The answer is YES. You can use URL Shortener along with Adsense. Although, don’t use entry and exit script. Adsense allows it but still, we can’t take full responsibilities on it. So, just use it on external links and you will be fine.


Is URL Shortener worth using?

This is probably the last question you would be asking. All this is worth it or not. I am not going to give you a diplomatic answer here. I am going be to straight forward. If your blog has very fewer views and you don’t want to promote using social media. This is not for you. This is best if you have a downloading website or Information blog, you should definitely start using URL Shortener today. Make sure you register with Legit URL Shortener that pays you real money.

Don’t take URL Shortener as the single income. Keep your all extra sources as it is and make this one extra source of your income or pocket money. So, even if you make a little money with URL Shortener. It is still worth it Because you haven’t changed anything. You have just added the extra income.

Some of the URL Shortener just show one page advertise with “skip ad” option on the top while some of them ask for captcha verification. You can see the demo link of the URL Shortener before registering. Maybe the one without the captcha verification will pay more as compared to a simple one. My suggestion would be don’t go for extra money if you think the human verification will decrease your visitor, Go for the URL Shortener with simple ads. You don’t need to go fancy. Think from the side of visitors and implement URL Shortener thereafter.

Moreover, make sure you don’t irritate your visitors. Imagine yourself in the same position, if you visit a website and every link you go has a short URL. Will you visit the website or just leave the website? Make sure your visitors do not feel the same. So, don’t spam with Short URLs.

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So, that was it. To summarize, you can Earn money using URL Shortener in many ways. Above mentioned are just some of them. If you have any doubt or want to ask something feel free to comment below, We will try to reply to each and every one of you and solve your query. Do tell us if we missed any of the Question or information. Do tell us in the comment section how you feel about URL Shortener and making money through it.