Review, Payment Proof | Scam or Legit review payment proof is a paid URL Shortener from which you can easily earn some money. It is easier to earn money using Flylink with its unique features. They provide the shortest link possible from which you can easily earn some huge amount of cash in your bank account by just sharing URL Shortener. Review at a Glance

Average payout rates: Not mentioned

Multiple views counted: Not mentioned

Referral Program: 20% Commissions for life

Referral Banners: No

Minimum Payout: $3 for Paypal, $25 for Bitcoin

Payment Frequency: On request

Payment Processor: PayPal, Bitcoin

Signup Link: Signup page. review

Advantages of Flylink URL Shortener

There are many advantages of Flylink, we will see all of them in our review.

  • Easy to use and Good UI
  • Featured admin panel
  • The shortener service gives the Shortest Link possible. SO, it gives the true meaning of URL Sortnerner name
  • They are hosted in their own dedicated server which makes it easy for everyone to open the link whenever they want with almost zero downtime


Along with the advantages, there are various disadvantages of using Flying. We will be seeing all of this in our review. So, all the users can know about it.

  • Fewer details are provided
  • No place to see daily payout rates or how much they are paying for a thousand views. You can’t decide it first whether you should be using it or not. Payment Proof

I haven’t yet got any payment from this If you have got the payment proof please mail us using contact us section. So, that other users can take advantage of the proof.


During this review, we saw that they have got all the tools that are required by a URL shortener such as mass shrinker, quick link, website script, API, and all the other tools that are necessary for URL shortener.


To summarize review, half of the things are still in suspense as they haven’t shown direct details for anything. However, you can surely give it a try as the minimum payout is less and you can easily withdraw your money to your PayPal account in no time.




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