Dwindly.io review, payment proof | Legit or scam?

Dwindly.io review, dwindly.io payment proof

Dwindly.io review will cover everything that you need to know about the URL Shortener. You will get an honest opinion saying whether or not you should join Dwindly.io and will also tell you about the payment options they give. Moreover, dwindly.io payment proof is also covered in this review.

Diwndlty.io offers $4.67 per 1000 clicks. However, this might change depending upon the country of your visitors. They offer Bitcoin as well as Ethereum as their payment option. You can invest in cryptocurrency from the earnings you make. Moreover, there are approx. 4-10 clicks counted for every visitors in 24 hours. So, we can say it offers multiple views count also. You can know more about it by checking below at a glance section.

Dwindly.io Review at a Glance

Average payout rates: up to $4.67 per 1000 views

Multiple views counted: Yes, 4 to 10 clicks for every visitor

Referral Program: 20% Commissions for life

Referral Banners: Yes, multiple sizes

Minimum Payout: $5 for PayPal and Ethereum, $15 for Bitcoin

Payment Frequency: On Request, within 4 days

Payment Processor: PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Signup LinkDwindly.io Signup Page 

dwindly.io review, dwindly.io payment proof

Dwindly.io Advantages

  • It gives you Bitcoin and Ethereum as a payment option along with the most common payment method PayPal
  • Ethereum minimum payment is also as low as $5. (Same as PayPal)
  • High rates for UAE, Sweden, Finland, as well as in Denmark
  • You can claim a bonus after reaching a certain level
  • Payment within 4 days of the request

Disadvantages of Dwindly.io

  • The low payout for other countries
  • A little bit long URL


Dwindly.io Payment Proof

If you got payment from this website. Send it to us. So, we can upload it here in Dwindly.io payment proof section.


How big is Dwindly?

There are more than 211k users with over 1.3M links and more than 214M clicks.




To conclude Dwindly.io review, You can join the URL shortener by checking out the payout rates in your country. If you have more visitors from the country that Dwindly pays well, you can join the website and start earning some decent money online.


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