Can you purely depend on paid URL Shortener

primary income with URL Shortener

Without a doubt when you check out the payout rates of the URL Shortener. You will be shocked to see how much they pay for a thousand visits. Some of them pay up to $20 per thousand views. It means if you have 10k monthly hits on the URL Shortener. You could be making $200 a month using a URL Shortener. Now, many of the people are thinking and wondering, can they earn a living and depend on URL shortener?

The answer here is NO, you can’t purely depend on URL shortener and expect a steady income flow from it. URL Shortener is a type of passive income. In other words, it is the income you will get along with all the other monetization techniques you use.

You might be thinking why you can’t make it income if they pay this much amount of money for visits.

The game with rates

The first thing is the given rates above, as well as the rates that are on the home page of the URL Shortener, are just for the specific country. In other words, if your visitors are from Greenland or Norway, you will get paid. Also, the rates are the maximum payout that you will get for a thousand visits. The average rates are low as compared to the given rates. Therefore, you shouldn’t depend on the rates. They might change a lot.


The number of clicks

The second thing that will matter a lot is the total visits you get. If you have a URL Shortener link on a web page and suppose that particular webpage has around 5k views a month. You will only get around 1k views in the link. This is because most of the people only visit the website for information and others won’t click on the link because it is a URL Shortener link. Everybody knows they will have to wait for a couple of seconds and then verify the captcha. Later on, the visitor can go to the destination link. Therefore, most of the people don’t do that and instead choose to search on Google for that particular thing.


Final Words

To conclude, this is the main reason, you can’t use URL Shortener as your main income. However, it is a great way to add along with the other techniques you are using. It will give you some extra income that you can use. Also, if you are a student, you can get some extra pocket money using it. So, you should surely use these URL Shorteners and they will pay your monthly expenses or add some extra cash in your income.

If you want to go with the URL Shortener. Below are some of the guide and the top list that you should surely check out before getting started. it will boost income. Also, if you are using URL Shorteners, you should check them as you will get to know many things about it.


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